18 April 2008

The MTC is so Rockin' (letter from Christi April 3, 2008)

Hi family...mom...whoever reads this email!!
The MTC is so rockin!! I love it here!! The spirit is so strong and the people are so amazing. I have so much to say, but only a few minutes to write. I've been so grateful to the Lord that I haven't really been that home sick...it's probably because I have been so busy!! The first day of class...Thursday the 27th...I learned how to pray and bear my testimony in German!! It was very overwhelming. I actually had a mini breakdown on Friday night because of all the stress and overwhelming feelings that I was letting myself have!! I am doing ton better....I try not to stress myself out anymore. Plus everyone said.."if you make it till Sunday, everything is better!!" I didn't really believe it, but it is SO true!!

I have been having so much fun. On Tuesday I had a "task" where my comp (sister Pelo) and I had to meet someone (a volunteer) and bear our testimony to them and ask if we could meet with them....all done in GERMAN!!! AHHH!! I was so scared and we definitely were not perfect, but it was fun. We also had to teach the first lesson to an "investigator" (a volunteer as well). We had practiced a lot and prepared...so we went in with out any notes and did really well. We only used a 3x5 card with some scripture references on it!! After that I wanted to leave on my mission right then. I was so "high" om the spirit, it was amazing!! Then yesterday we went to the RC...you know those LDS commercials that say you can call and get a free book of Mormon or video?? Well, they have the missionaries at the MTC answer those calls!! So, I was very nervous...I don't really like talking on the phone in the first place, but I sucked it up and after orientation I had time to talk to one lady. I actually called her to find out if she had received her BofM and I got to bear my testimony to her about how it is true and that I know that if she reads it it will bring her closer to Jesus Christ!! It was so amazing...I love it!! I thought it was going to be horribly scary, but I just kind of knew what to say!!

Thank you for EVERYTHING!! I love you all!! Remember that God loves you and that Jesus Christ lived and died for you. He is always there for you and knows everything that you are going through!!

Love, Sister Jones

P.S. Please continue to pray for me...I really am having a hard time with the language!!

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